Sunday, February 19, 2006

Poem - The Never Ending Sign

There are a number of symbols in the bible. The number 12 is one that was so important it was used as the basis for the structure of our clock and calendar. Here is a poem I wrote about the biblical significance of the number 12.

The Never Ending Sign
By Lou Sciaroni

Symbols are important
They bring images to mind
For the Jewish people it meant
A never-ending line
Twelve cycles of the moon
Endless years spent in the night
Twelve tribes they were split into
To help survive their plight

Why twelve?
It’s never ending
He’ll reign upon the throne
He’ll be with us forever
We’ll never be alone

God, in Jesus, came to us
To help us understand
The celestial connection to
The brotherhood of man
Five loaves, two fish fed them all
Twelve baskets did remain
Gods gifts are overflowing
And they will never wane

Why twelve?
It means eternal
A never-ending sign
He came and then died for us
And left twelve men behind

The Ark was built twelve by twelve
Endless rain fell from the sky
The twelve days of Christmas
Supernal gift recognized
He’ll be with us forever
We’ll never be alone
Twelve is ruling perfection
That will go on and on

Why twelve?
It means eternally
He’ll reign upon the throne
He’ll be with us forever
We’ll never be alone

Monday, February 06, 2006

Poem - Listen and Learn

Listen and Learn
By Lou Sciaroni
Sep 9, 2005

The older knows not
The next generation
But still looks to them
With their expectations

But youth’s vision differs
If unheard soon despair
And to their elders
Turn deaf their ears

But how symbiotic
They both really are
These minds on fire
And of iron bars

For their community to function
They both must listen
And look to each other
For validation

For when the older one
Fails to hear
Water will fill
The ships they steer

And if the younger
Does the same
They lose the wisdom
The older’s gained

So, speak in the light
Not the dark
And don’t be afraid
If there are sparks

For when they listen
Both sides will grow
No rush to judgment
Nor line to toe