Saturday, March 28, 2020

My Corona

Well, it's been a while since my last post, but I'm stuck inside because of this COVID-19 thing so I thought I might start writing again.  In my time of isolation I have had time to write this ode to the Corona virus.  It can be sung to the tune of My Sharona, by the Knack.  Enjoy:

By Lou Sciaroni

Ooh, you little nasty bug, you nasty bug
When you gonna start to decline, CARONA
Ooh, I’m coughing up a lung, up a lung
Got it from someone in line, CARONA

When you gonna stop, creeping up, such a dirty slime
Always coughing up, and no job, I haven’t gotta dime
My, My, My, aye-aye, Whoa!
M-m-m-my Carona

Come a little closer, wait, six feet away
Social distancing each other in line, CARONA
You are such a mystery, you get to me
You make it so I can’t even go outside, CARONA

When you gonna stop, creeping up, such a dirty slime
Always coughing up, and no job, I haven’t gotta dime
My, My, My, aye-aye, Whoa!
M-m-m-my Corona

Ooh I really really gotta go, I gotta go
But I got no tissue on the roll, Corona
Everything around me’s closed, even church  
You are even affecting my soul, Corona

When you gonna stop, creeping up, such a dirty slime
Always coughing up, and no job I haven’t gotta dime
My, My, My, aye-aye, Whoa!
M-m-m-my Corona

Sports were cancelled cause of you, cause of you
Tired of streaming reruns on the tube, Corona
There gonna give me thousand bucks, so I can eat
I’ll use it to get drive through food, Corona

When you gonna stop, creeping up, such a dirty slime
Always coughing up, and no job I haven’t gotta dime
My, My, My, aye-aye, Whoa!
M-m-m-my Corona

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Saints Come Running In

The 2016 St. Bernard Preparatory High School's men's track team won the 1A Alabama State title this year.   Here is my attempt to capture this historic event.  I hope you enjoy it.

The Saints Come Running In
By Lou Sciaroni

A team with first timers, seniors and upstarts
Who’s talent was raw but was loaded with heart
Ventured to do something that had never been done
No men’s championships had ever been won

The coaches complied their team of young gents
That now had competitors in most events
And right off the line, as the season began
They saw they had talent and dreamed up a plan

They tried boys in many events, and moved them around
Many combinations were tried till the right one was found
They dreamed to conquer state with the highest point total
Like the Ottoman Army did to Constantinople

They could see this raw talent slowly taking shape
The jumps a little longer, and runs breaking the tape
As the season was closing with sectionals near
They could see the team revving near its top gear

Marion County were 1A reigning state champs
And on the track landscape they had made their stamp
To knock them off would take a really great feat
With this goal the team went to the Sectional meet

And after two long days of fierce competition
The Saints had won sectionals and were now on a mission
They knew Marion County would try, as champs, to remain
And would bring their best effort so their title they’d retain

The sectional championship had may persuaded
That their chances to win state had been greatly upgraded
To win, it would take a total effort from all involved
But when they went to state they were firmly resolved

Seniors were leaving there would be some turnover
The expectations were high, the wait was now over
They had improved greatly by the sweat of their brow
Their greatest chance to win State, if ever, was now

Their effort was lifted to heights right off the bat
Paulter set a pole vault record before he hit the mat
And with a breeze Nate Giffen, over the hurdles he flew
In Two races he finished with a solid number two

Giffen and Paulter both threw Javelin too 
Out the window, with each throw, more school records flew
Harris muscled out a very good shot put throw
And pounded out another school record show

Tona and Sciaroni gained points in their 400 run
With Rosenhoover and Guthrie, the 4x8 they won
The point total climbing, the team’s hearts quickened their pump
And Paulter finished second in the Hop, Skip, and Jump  

Sweeny and Guthrie and Mami ran the mile
And fourteen more points on the total they did pile
And fifteen more in the thirty-two hundred
Did the team have a chance, now everyone wondered? 

After two straight faults Paulter’s long jump added some more
As coaches Calvert and Vaughn counted up the score
They knew they were close, the championship was in reach
But were spectators now, they taught all they could teach

The running, which had been their strength in years past
Had more yet to come, their best races were last
The individual 800 and 4x4 relay
Were the events causing their celebration’s delay

With the meet winding down the team gathered round
To wait to see who, as champion, would be crowned
The pressure was mounting with two races to go
As the 800 race neared the point totals were close

In the 800, the Saints didn’t disappoint
Sciaroni, Tona, and Guthrey earned 23 points
And with Marion County only bringing home one
All knew that the Championship, St. Bernard had just won

Marion County was favored in the 4x4 race
But St Bernard’s adrenaline helped them lead the pace
Great efforts by Giffen, Sciaroni, Tona, and Lee
Finished off the meet with a solid victory

They had done it, with the hard work, and skills they had learned
Had competed their best and this victory they earned
They had achieved something special, this victory feeling 
Forever their state banner, will hang from the ceiling

Friday, October 28, 2011

The First Freese of Fall

The sixth game of the 2011 World Series was one of the best games ever played.  Here is my attempt to capture this epic event.

The First Freese of Fall
By Lou Sciaroni

Four hours earlier the game began
The starting pitchers were quickly ran
The balls were dropped and thrown around
As though the boys were just some clowns

This game seemed to be a joke
Who would blow it, who would choke
Then something happened on this special night
As the Texan’s turned their ship aright

They took a lead of three big runs
With two long homers from their big guns
And Cardinal fans just hung their heads
And began to think their season dead

But in the ninth with two outs
Freese swung the bat with awesome clout
He laced a triple and scored two men
The cardinals hopes would live again

But Texas would not go down easy
Another home run made the Cardinals queasy
But from this challenge the Cards didn’t run
And with Berkman’s single they had some fun

And into the eleventh inning they fought
When Freese, who from Edmonds bought
Confidently stepped up to the plate
A mighty swing, a home run gate

His towering shot had sent the ball
Through the crisp cool air of fall
Dead center field into the grass
This one was in an epic class

The crowd erupted as was never seen
The players ran to show esteem
They met him as he touched the plate
And tore his jersey to  celebrate

The shot heard around the world
And Joe Carters homer was a pearl
But this was special, this home run
And just might be the greatest one

Copyright 2011

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I started writing this poem about my parents several years ago but finished it last year before Valentines Day.  They are still going strong and continue to share their lives with their children, 34 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren.

by Lou Sciaroni

When I Think About My Parents
I think of their two LIVES
The willingness to accept Gods gifts
No matter what the size

The L is for the Love they showed
Not always hugs and kisses
But it was always in the house
Those there could not have missed it

The I is for Ideals
In us helped to instill
A solid Catholic faith
That’s resounding with me still

And after 50 years of marriage
The V is for Vocation
If everyone stuck to theirs like that
We’d be a better nation

The E is for the Eleven children
That they welcomed with their faith
That God would help them to provide
Protect, and keep them safe

The S is for the Sacrifice
That still is being made
For without their endless giving
No foundation could have been laid

So I thank God for these LIVES
That he put upon this earth
And joined them both together
Who welcomed in my birth

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


There are many definitions of the word Freedom. Some think that freedom allows you to do as you want to do. However, that is not the Christian view of Freedom. I was listening to a CD by Fr. John Ricardo discussing living as a Christian in the modern world, and he inspired me to dig a little deeper into the subject of freedom. I read articles on the web on the subject, reread the declaration of independence, and read some official dictionary definitions of Freedom. However, one of the best writings that I encountered on this topic was written by Lawrence P. Grayson summarizing related ideas of Pope John Paul II. This article can be found at the following link: After chewing on all of this for a while I wrote the following poem. You are certainly free to disagree with me.

By Lou Sciaroni
Inspired by John Adams, Fr. John Ricardo, Lawrence P. Grayson, and Pope John Paul II

Adam and Eve had freedom
When God was at their side
But when they strayed they realized
Without him the truth would hide

Our founders knew this truth
That under God they would be free
Only when life was valued
Could there be true liberty

They knew a country’s freedom
Once lost could be restored
Only through a sacrifice
Of man’s sweat and blood in war

They didn’t die for freedom
Just so we can do as we please
They knew that relative truths and immorality
Brought nations to their knees

They fought and died for freedom
To escape the nets that caught
So they would have the freedom
To live as free men ought

Without this element of freedom
Where the search for truth is found
The value of human life is diminished
And lawlessness abounds

Freedoms soon slowly dwindle
And very few then exist
So let us do what we ought to do
So freedom here can persist

Monday, January 19, 2009

Poem: Dr. King

I wrote this poem a couple of years ago after watching a PBS special on Dr. Martin Luther King. Since our country celebrated his life and dream today, and will witness the Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama tomorrow, I thought tonight was a good time to publish it.

Dr. King
By Lou SciaroniApril 30, 2006

From Selma
To Montgomery
From fear he didn’t run
The concerns of the many
Were greater than the one

He sought
What should be granted
The chains removed again
To live and work on merit
And to be treated as they are men

For justice
And true freedom
Not perfect, but all he gave
And his service to the lowly
Has not ended at his grave

So let us
All remember
That brothers are all of men
Whether black or white, all tones of skin
Lest hate’s shadow will fall again

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poem: The USS Theodore Roosevelt

In April this year I experienced a tailhook landing on the Theodore Roosevelt and a catapult launch off the next day. What a ride! I wrote this poem to the crew to thank them for allowing us to see their efforts up close and for the service they provide in defense of our country.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt
By Lou Sciaroni
6 Apr 08

What we have seen is a powerful force
Two nuclear reactors provide the horse
Five thousand crew keeping all on course
The soul that makes it tick
From Captain Wheeler to the seamen
Rough Riders, when, with reason
Can swing this mighty stick

One thousand feet from bow to keel
One hundred thousand tons of steel
And its fighter wing, when shown, reveals
The point of this big sword
From you the enemy will not hide
We’re glad that you are on our side
Thanks for having us aboard!

Image courtesy of the US Navy PAO.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Poem: Middle Age

You start thinking about these things when you're 40... You also start thinking about sports cars, but I haven't gone there yet.

Middle Age
By Lou Sciaroni,

Middle age
Turns the page
From your youth
To life’s truths

Reflect, look back
On the rippled pond
A deep gaze in
And a look beyond

Seeds you sew
Children grow
Older you get
Less you know

Friday, March 30, 2007

Poem: The Tremor Down Below

I was challenged to write a sonnet and was given a title to guide me. I had to do some research for this one... Iambic pentameter, structured abab cdcd efef gg, 4442... Well here goes...

The Tremor Down Below
By Lou Sciaroni

From the meek the Son of Man did appear
And brought a message of love to us all
From the cross to grave he gathered our fears
A sacrifice was made and we gave a pall

Oh man what true folly lies within thee
That thou has two ears but yet cannot hear
Swiftly mute the voice of the wind and sea
A message He gave us so loud and clear

The temple will fall, but built in three days
Soon they would know their error and their loss
Those warning words said to help change their ways
They didn’t hear Him, He hung on the cross

The temple tore from the tremor down below
Whence He freed all souls from evil’s shadow

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Poem: I think I am?

Someone once said "I think therefore I am" (attributed to Descartes) ... Hmm... Sometimes I think too much… does that mean I exist more at those times? Or when I do things without thinking, can I make the excuse I wasn’t there? … something to think about.

I think I am?
By Lou Sciaroni

Just because I think I am
Makes me even more a man
But when I think that I am not
I end up closer to I Am

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Poem: A True Romance

There is a good article from Dale Ahlquist titled “Sometimes You Have to Fight” which talks about why people fight for what they love and how this relates to the Church’s view on the matter. I’ve taken these ideas and melded them with my own thoughts to make this poem.

A True Romance
By Lou Sciaroni

Where romance lives,
One stands on guard.
Defends with all,
If love is harmed.

Present too, an
Awe and wonder;
Where there’s a void,
Rome’s pith asunder.

If these subsist,
Romance survives.
Devotion lost --
The splendor dies.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Poem: A Joyful Transformation

The story of the wedding feast at Cana is much deeper than first appears. Here is my take on it

A Joyful Transformation
By Lou Sciaroni
Inspired by John 2:1-11

Passover approached
A feast at hand
But things won’t go
As they had planned

Friends all gathered
For this small wedding
Though bride and groom
Were not the heading

A presence there
Had just arrived
Whose gifts surpassed
All men alive

Although his hour
Had not yet come
His mother instructed
His will be done

Their stores were spent
But they were blessed
And through his gifts
They gave their best

The empty vessels
At His word were filled
Filled with water
But wine instilled

And though none there
Knew his ways
They stood and watched
And were amazed

Water to wine
The gifts transformed
Man and women
One ring was formed

His time had come
To destroy despair
A message of Hope
And joy He’d share

Monday, December 04, 2006

Poem: Emmanuel

One of the names given to the savior is Emmanuel. It is only mentioned a few times in the bible, from Isaiah (7:14) as "Immanuel", and by Matthew (1:23) as "Emmanuel". Both words have the same meaning, "God is with us". Paul again tells us not to worry God is with us (Philippians 4:5-6), but doesn't explicitly state the name Emmanuel. I thought his account told a similar message, and composed this poem based on all three of these passages. I hope you have a blessed Christmas season, and don't forget, He's still with us!

By Louis Sciaroni
11/5/2005, 12/4/2006

Isaiah spoke of Jesus’ coming
In the name Immanuel
God is with us, do not weary
On King Ahaz deaf ears fell

From God's herald
Do not fuss
Do not weary
He's with us

In Joseph's dream the angel told him
Of the true Emmanuel
Born of Mary, he's to marry
Come to earth with them to dwell

From God's herald
Do not fuss
Do Not Weary
He's with us

Paul imprisoned, told the people
To rejoice, the Lord is near
Do not be anxious, pray to Him
He will ease your labors here

From God's herald
Do not fuss
Do not weary
He's with us

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Poem - Tables Were Turned?

On 2 Oct 05, two couples disrupted the Church service at Annunciation of the Lord Catholic Church. The details of the attach can be found on the Decatur Daily site at the following link: Here is my take on it.

Tables Were Turned?
By Lou Sciaroni

Just after eleven they were on their way
They’ll turn the tables and make them pay
They’ll teach them not to worship idols
They’ll teach that church just how to pray

They were late but went on in
The mass was coming to an end
They sat right down in the front pew
Welcomed in as they were friends

When the meal was over they screamed and yelled
About idols and the road to hell
Then two of them rushed behind the alter
And with a shove the alter fell

A melee ensued but soon had ended
The four were quickly apprehended
The alter lay broken upon the floor
But not for long, it soon was mended

The wounded spirit would not stray
For their crimes the church would pray
But in the vandals hate still lingered
No tables were turned upon that day

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Poem - Advice

Here's some advice, never give advice unless it is asked for... and even then you should give it cautiously. Are you listening to me?

By Lou Sciaroni
8 April, 2006

Its good advice to share your thoughts
In times when they are sought
But if they’re not, these helpful statements
Are often shared for naught

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Poem - The Never Ending Sign

There are a number of symbols in the bible. The number 12 is one that was so important it was used as the basis for the structure of our clock and calendar. Here is a poem I wrote about the biblical significance of the number 12.

The Never Ending Sign
By Lou Sciaroni

Symbols are important
They bring images to mind
For the Jewish people it meant
A never-ending line
Twelve cycles of the moon
Endless years spent in the night
Twelve tribes they were split into
To help survive their plight

Why twelve?
It’s never ending
He’ll reign upon the throne
He’ll be with us forever
We’ll never be alone

God, in Jesus, came to us
To help us understand
The celestial connection to
The brotherhood of man
Five loaves, two fish fed them all
Twelve baskets did remain
Gods gifts are overflowing
And they will never wane

Why twelve?
It means eternal
A never-ending sign
He came and then died for us
And left twelve men behind

The Ark was built twelve by twelve
Endless rain fell from the sky
The twelve days of Christmas
Supernal gift recognized
He’ll be with us forever
We’ll never be alone
Twelve is ruling perfection
That will go on and on

Why twelve?
It means eternally
He’ll reign upon the throne
He’ll be with us forever
We’ll never be alone

Monday, February 06, 2006

Poem - Listen and Learn

Listen and Learn
By Lou Sciaroni
Sep 9, 2005

The older knows not
The next generation
But still looks to them
With their expectations

But youth’s vision differs
If unheard soon despair
And to their elders
Turn deaf their ears

But how symbiotic
They both really are
These minds on fire
And of iron bars

For their community to function
They both must listen
And look to each other
For validation

For when the older one
Fails to hear
Water will fill
The ships they steer

And if the younger
Does the same
They lose the wisdom
The older’s gained

So, speak in the light
Not the dark
And don’t be afraid
If there are sparks

For when they listen
Both sides will grow
No rush to judgment
Nor line to toe

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Poem - Role Models

Maybe sports have always been a mess, but lately I think it's mostly about greed. I originally wrote this about baseball players, but changed it to be more generic when I noticed these same characteristics in the athletes of the other sports as well.

Role Models?
By Lou Sciaroni

Do we blame it on the owners
Or on the loyal fan
No, not for their love of sports
But idolizing such a man

A man with no loyalty
To his city or his team
Just looking for his picture
On the face of magazines

He roams from city to city
Making millions every year
And makes his annual promise
That a wining year is near

But by the season’s midpoint
His stats are very thin
The team is many games behind
And they’re not going to win

“They put the pressure on me”
Was written in the papers
And for the rest of the season
His statistics slowly taper

He’s nothing to look up to
His antics are a bore
But what do you think they’ll do next year?
I be they offer more!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Poem - The Scottish Eyes Were Smiling

I visited Scotland last year, and while I was there I attended a dinner at the Royal Museum in Edinburgh. You can get an idea of the atmosphere by viewing the picture I took that night, shown to the left of this text. It was a great evening filed with traditional Scottish food, beverages, and pomp and circumstance... and it inspired me to write this poem.

The Scottish Eyes Were Shining
By Lou Sciaroni

The light in Edinburgh rarely shined
At least not from the sky
It rained like mad for days on end
And my time to leave was nigh

But at the Royal Museum
The Scottish lights came on
The traditions of their culture
The food, bagpipes, and song

Were brought out by the setting
It was classy to the hilt
The ladies in their dresses
And men were dressed in kilts

The Haggis procession marched on in
While the pipes were being played
Burns’ and other Odes were read
And the ceremonies made

And as the evening ended
And the band was marching out
I saw the light in faces
As I slowly looked about

From the sharing of the stories
To the laughs and honest smiles
I’m glad I saw the Scottish light
If only for a while

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Poem - Anger's Power

I've found that, in my life, anger has almost always made matters worse. I'm going to try not to get so angry any more. I guess that means I can't get angry at myself when I get angry?

Anger’s Power
By Lou Sciaroni,
Jan 2005

Anger has a hidden power
Hate it breeds, love’s devoured
Adds fuel to conflicts, and in the end
It can win you battles, but lose you friends

Poem - Progress to Change

I enjoy reading G. K. Chesterton. He was a liberal writer in the late 19th and early 20th century that wrote about what it means to be Christian (along with just about everything else). He was a great inspiration to other writers such as J.R.R. Tolkien, T.S. Eliot, Dorothy Sayers, and C.S. Lewis (who credits Chesterton for his conversion to Christianity), and inspired me to write this poem.

Progress to Change
By Lou Sciaroni

Some say that change is constant
A never-ending groove
But things that are genuine
Will really never move

Fads and hearts of men do change
But not what’s right or wrong
There is a basic right of men
That’s been there all along

Some say that change is progress
But where does progress lead?
Without some ideal to progress to
Why should you then proceed?

Progress just for progress sake
Is a waste of energy
When the blind man leads the blind
The truth they never see

Change is to transform
In the way things will appear
But what is needed deep inside
To make them to adhere?

A flame, a fire, must burn inside
For no reason than the love
For a country, family, or belief
And for our God above

For without these irrational notions
To keep our passions burning
The thing that we once changed from
Will end up soon returning

So take the Love that burns you
Even if others think you’re strange
Use the Passion God has given
To help affect the change

Poem - Sunset

I can't remember what colors the sky held on the first of March 2005, but I know it made me say, wow, that's beautiful. I took this sunset in Scotland, it was wasn't bad either.
Sunset By Lou Sciaroni,
3/1/2005 Wow, the colors in the sky! Bystanding clouds caress the light A heterochromatic skyline shines The day is done The sun resigns The fleeting moment fades to black Can’t wait till morrow when it comes back

Poem - The Power of Words

This is one of the first poems that I shared with others. Based on the positive feedback from that experience I've been sharing them ever since. About two years after I wrote it, it was published in the book "False Roads to Manhood" by Frank Chase under the title "Words". Thanks Frank for your words of encouragement.

The Power of Words
By Lou Sciaroni,

Pierce like swords
Wrap like chain
Cruel or careless
Cause much pain

Smooth as silk
Gentle and kind
Wise or loving
Friends we find

Hard as steel
Or soft as cotton
Can’t take back
and not forgotten

Poem - Seafood

The St. Ann Seafood festival has had an open mic. night for the last couple of years. This past year I decided to write and recite the following poem... Seafood anyone? (I took this picture in Norway... they have good seafood in Norway)

By Lou Sciaroni

When I was young I didn’t know
‘bout the seafood I never had
Chicken, Hamburger, Pasta.
For all this I was glad

I guess I was just ignorant
Of all those fish, I recon
See food - eat it, was my motto
And just hope that there was seconds

After all, when I grew up
I was one child in eleven
In fact, after a while I lost my name
And just went by number seven

But then one day I learned about
Those tasty creatures of the sea
And when that happened I found out
The seafood lover deep inside of me

Those little shrimp that can be cooked
In so many ways
BBQd, plain, or battered fried
I could eat these things for days

Those lovely fish all shapes and size
My favorite being salmon
A nice fresh piece cooked just right
With pepper and some lemon

And don’t just give me a little cup
Of that St Ann Seafood Gumbo
When I order mine I don’t skimp
I ask them for the Jumbo

So I could tell you that I come here
To support the school and the foundation
But the truth of the matter is really this
I come to avoid seafood starvation

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Poem - The Cure

What is a miracle? Do they exist? Well, if everyone is broken into two groups; the naturalists, and the supernaturalists (as C.S. Lewis implies), I'm in the second club. Fr. Joe gave a homily on the subject and created an acronym the CURE. I liked it and, although I didn't use the same words as he did, I think it relays the same meaning.

By Lou Sciaroni

We ask God for miracles
At a crossroad in our life
To wipe away our anger,
Pain, suffering, and our strife

And though he always hears us
He gives us what we need
It may be just a calming thought
To make our fears recede

Or it may be that He thinks
It’s best that we endure
But sometimes He will change us
And provide us with a CURE

The C is for the Change in us
It helps us start anew
Whether it’s your state of mind
Or what was ailing you

The U if for the unity that
The Cure helps bring about
The sick can now participate
Relationships will work out

And when a gift is received
It requires action on our part
The first step is to thank Him
From the bottom of our heart

The R is our reaction
What to write in the next chapter
To use the gift He’s given
And make it last here-after

The E is for this Eternal,
Everlasting change applied
So even after death
Our Soul is at His side

So next time your prayer is answered
And God makes you clean and pure
Remember what it means
To be provided with a CURE

Poem - Don't Be Afraid

“Don't Be Afraid” is said many times in the Gospels... but what does it mean?

Don’t be Afraid
By Lou Sciaroni

Don’t be afraid
Is what we often hear
As God’s calming words
When we start to fear

Yet, because we are human
We can’t help how we feel
It is difficult to control these emotions
And change them to zeal

But, maybe God is telling us
When we hear this phrase
That we shouldn’t be afraid
Of being afraid?

Because to do His will
Leads to scary places
To the jails, and the poor
And to our enemies embraces

Hence, if we’re going to act
As His message carrier
We mustn’t’ let being Scared
To be our barrier

Poem - First Words

Here is a poem I wrote after reflecting on the first chapter of the Gospel of John, 1 Samuel. The title of the poem is based on the first words that John wants us to hear from Jesus.

First Words

By Lou Sciaroni, 1/15/06

As Jesus starts his journey
On the three years to His grave
He talks to simple fisherman
Of the Lamb that’s come to save

With wonder they come to him
Unknown why they are drawn
They want to stay right by him
In this new eras’s dawn

He asks them:
What do you seek?
Follow and see
Come and be near
Stay here with me

They answer:
Yes, we will come
Where will we stay?
Lord, we hear your call
But we don’t know the way

When we hear this message
Do we wonder ‘bout our vocations
Are we really doing His will?
Or are they our intentions

Can we decipher his voice from others?
As he calls in repetition
Do we stay near Him and listen?
So we can hear our mission

He asks us:
What do you seek?
Follow and see
Come and be near
Stay here with me

We answer:
Yes, we will come
But, where will we stay?
Help us hear your call
And show us the way