Thursday, December 21, 2006

Poem: A Joyful Transformation

The story of the wedding feast at Cana is much deeper than first appears. Here is my take on it

A Joyful Transformation
By Lou Sciaroni
Inspired by John 2:1-11

Passover approached
A feast at hand
But things won’t go
As they had planned

Friends all gathered
For this small wedding
Though bride and groom
Were not the heading

A presence there
Had just arrived
Whose gifts surpassed
All men alive

Although his hour
Had not yet come
His mother instructed
His will be done

Their stores were spent
But they were blessed
And through his gifts
They gave their best

The empty vessels
At His word were filled
Filled with water
But wine instilled

And though none there
Knew his ways
They stood and watched
And were amazed

Water to wine
The gifts transformed
Man and women
One ring was formed

His time had come
To destroy despair
A message of Hope
And joy He’d share

Monday, December 04, 2006

Poem: Emmanuel

One of the names given to the savior is Emmanuel. It is only mentioned a few times in the bible, from Isaiah (7:14) as "Immanuel", and by Matthew (1:23) as "Emmanuel". Both words have the same meaning, "God is with us". Paul again tells us not to worry God is with us (Philippians 4:5-6), but doesn't explicitly state the name Emmanuel. I thought his account told a similar message, and composed this poem based on all three of these passages. I hope you have a blessed Christmas season, and don't forget, He's still with us!

By Louis Sciaroni
11/5/2005, 12/4/2006

Isaiah spoke of Jesus’ coming
In the name Immanuel
God is with us, do not weary
On King Ahaz deaf ears fell

From God's herald
Do not fuss
Do not weary
He's with us

In Joseph's dream the angel told him
Of the true Emmanuel
Born of Mary, he's to marry
Come to earth with them to dwell

From God's herald
Do not fuss
Do Not Weary
He's with us

Paul imprisoned, told the people
To rejoice, the Lord is near
Do not be anxious, pray to Him
He will ease your labors here

From God's herald
Do not fuss
Do not weary
He's with us