Friday, March 30, 2007

Poem: The Tremor Down Below

I was challenged to write a sonnet and was given a title to guide me. I had to do some research for this one... Iambic pentameter, structured abab cdcd efef gg, 4442... Well here goes...

The Tremor Down Below
By Lou Sciaroni

From the meek the Son of Man did appear
And brought a message of love to us all
From the cross to grave he gathered our fears
A sacrifice was made and we gave a pall

Oh man what true folly lies within thee
That thou has two ears but yet cannot hear
Swiftly mute the voice of the wind and sea
A message He gave us so loud and clear

The temple will fall, but built in three days
Soon they would know their error and their loss
Those warning words said to help change their ways
They didn’t hear Him, He hung on the cross

The temple tore from the tremor down below
Whence He freed all souls from evil’s shadow

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Poem: I think I am?

Someone once said "I think therefore I am" (attributed to Descartes) ... Hmm... Sometimes I think too much… does that mean I exist more at those times? Or when I do things without thinking, can I make the excuse I wasn’t there? … something to think about.

I think I am?
By Lou Sciaroni

Just because I think I am
Makes me even more a man
But when I think that I am not
I end up closer to I Am