Friday, October 28, 2011

The First Freese of Fall

The sixth game of the 2011 World Series was one of the best games ever played.  Here is my attempt to capture this epic event.

The First Freese of Fall
By Lou Sciaroni

Four hours earlier the game began
The starting pitchers were quickly ran
The balls were dropped and thrown around
As though the boys were just some clowns

This game seemed to be a joke
Who would blow it, who would choke
Then something happened on this special night
As the Texan’s turned their ship aright

They took a lead of three big runs
With two long homers from their big guns
And Cardinal fans just hung their heads
And began to think their season dead

But in the ninth with two outs
Freese swung the bat with awesome clout
He laced a triple and scored two men
The cardinals hopes would live again

But Texas would not go down easy
Another home run made the Cardinals queasy
But from this challenge the Cards didn’t run
And with Berkman’s single they had some fun

And into the eleventh inning they fought
When Freese, who from Edmonds bought
Confidently stepped up to the plate
A mighty swing, a home run gate

His towering shot had sent the ball
Through the crisp cool air of fall
Dead center field into the grass
This one was in an epic class

The crowd erupted as was never seen
The players ran to show esteem
They met him as he touched the plate
And tore his jersey to  celebrate

The shot heard around the world
And Joe Carters homer was a pearl
But this was special, this home run
And just might be the greatest one

Copyright 2011