Tuesday, May 05, 2009


There are many definitions of the word Freedom. Some think that freedom allows you to do as you want to do. However, that is not the Christian view of Freedom. I was listening to a CD by Fr. John Ricardo discussing living as a Christian in the modern world, and he inspired me to dig a little deeper into the subject of freedom. I read articles on the web on the subject, reread the declaration of independence, and read some official dictionary definitions of Freedom. However, one of the best writings that I encountered on this topic was written by Lawrence P. Grayson summarizing related ideas of Pope John Paul II. This article can be found at the following link: http://kofc8736.org/e107_files/downloads/7-11%20The%20Christian%20Concept%20of%20Freedon_May%202008.pdf After chewing on all of this for a while I wrote the following poem. You are certainly free to disagree with me.

By Lou Sciaroni
Inspired by John Adams, Fr. John Ricardo, Lawrence P. Grayson, and Pope John Paul II

Adam and Eve had freedom
When God was at their side
But when they strayed they realized
Without him the truth would hide

Our founders knew this truth
That under God they would be free
Only when life was valued
Could there be true liberty

They knew a country’s freedom
Once lost could be restored
Only through a sacrifice
Of man’s sweat and blood in war

They didn’t die for freedom
Just so we can do as we please
They knew that relative truths and immorality
Brought nations to their knees

They fought and died for freedom
To escape the nets that caught
So they would have the freedom
To live as free men ought

Without this element of freedom
Where the search for truth is found
The value of human life is diminished
And lawlessness abounds

Freedoms soon slowly dwindle
And very few then exist
So let us do what we ought to do
So freedom here can persist