Monday, July 25, 2016

The Saints Come Running In

The 2016 St. Bernard Preparatory High School's men's track team won the 1A Alabama State title this year.   Here is my attempt to capture this historic event.  I hope you enjoy it.

The Saints Come Running In
By Lou Sciaroni

A team with first timers, seniors and upstarts
Who’s talent was raw but was loaded with heart
Ventured to do something that had never been done
No men’s championships had ever been won

The coaches complied their team of young gents
That now had competitors in most events
And right off the line, as the season began
They saw they had talent and dreamed up a plan

They tried boys in many events, and moved them around
Many combinations were tried till the right one was found
They dreamed to conquer state with the highest point total
Like the Ottoman Army did to Constantinople

They could see this raw talent slowly taking shape
The jumps a little longer, and runs breaking the tape
As the season was closing with sectionals near
They could see the team revving near its top gear

Marion County were 1A reigning state champs
And on the track landscape they had made their stamp
To knock them off would take a really great feat
With this goal the team went to the Sectional meet

And after two long days of fierce competition
The Saints had won sectionals and were now on a mission
They knew Marion County would try, as champs, to remain
And would bring their best effort so their title they’d retain

The sectional championship had may persuaded
That their chances to win state had been greatly upgraded
To win, it would take a total effort from all involved
But when they went to state they were firmly resolved

Seniors were leaving there would be some turnover
The expectations were high, the wait was now over
They had improved greatly by the sweat of their brow
Their greatest chance to win State, if ever, was now

Their effort was lifted to heights right off the bat
Paulter set a pole vault record before he hit the mat
And with a breeze Nate Giffen, over the hurdles he flew
In Two races he finished with a solid number two

Giffen and Paulter both threw Javelin too 
Out the window, with each throw, more school records flew
Harris muscled out a very good shot put throw
And pounded out another school record show

Tona and Sciaroni gained points in their 400 run
With Rosenhoover and Guthrie, the 4x8 they won
The point total climbing, the team’s hearts quickened their pump
And Paulter finished second in the Hop, Skip, and Jump  

Sweeny and Guthrie and Mami ran the mile
And fourteen more points on the total they did pile
And fifteen more in the thirty-two hundred
Did the team have a chance, now everyone wondered? 

After two straight faults Paulter’s long jump added some more
As coaches Calvert and Vaughn counted up the score
They knew they were close, the championship was in reach
But were spectators now, they taught all they could teach

The running, which had been their strength in years past
Had more yet to come, their best races were last
The individual 800 and 4x4 relay
Were the events causing their celebration’s delay

With the meet winding down the team gathered round
To wait to see who, as champion, would be crowned
The pressure was mounting with two races to go
As the 800 race neared the point totals were close

In the 800, the Saints didn’t disappoint
Sciaroni, Tona, and Guthrey earned 23 points
And with Marion County only bringing home one
All knew that the Championship, St. Bernard had just won

Marion County was favored in the 4x4 race
But St Bernard’s adrenaline helped them lead the pace
Great efforts by Giffen, Sciaroni, Tona, and Lee
Finished off the meet with a solid victory

They had done it, with the hard work, and skills they had learned
Had competed their best and this victory they earned
They had achieved something special, this victory feeling 
Forever their state banner, will hang from the ceiling