Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poem: The USS Theodore Roosevelt

In April this year I experienced a tailhook landing on the Theodore Roosevelt and a catapult launch off the next day. What a ride! I wrote this poem to the crew to thank them for allowing us to see their efforts up close and for the service they provide in defense of our country.

The USS Theodore Roosevelt
By Lou Sciaroni
6 Apr 08

What we have seen is a powerful force
Two nuclear reactors provide the horse
Five thousand crew keeping all on course
The soul that makes it tick
From Captain Wheeler to the seamen
Rough Riders, when, with reason
Can swing this mighty stick

One thousand feet from bow to keel
One hundred thousand tons of steel
And its fighter wing, when shown, reveals
The point of this big sword
From you the enemy will not hide
We’re glad that you are on our side
Thanks for having us aboard!

Image courtesy of the US Navy PAO.