Sunday, January 22, 2006

Poem - The Cure

What is a miracle? Do they exist? Well, if everyone is broken into two groups; the naturalists, and the supernaturalists (as C.S. Lewis implies), I'm in the second club. Fr. Joe gave a homily on the subject and created an acronym the CURE. I liked it and, although I didn't use the same words as he did, I think it relays the same meaning.

By Lou Sciaroni

We ask God for miracles
At a crossroad in our life
To wipe away our anger,
Pain, suffering, and our strife

And though he always hears us
He gives us what we need
It may be just a calming thought
To make our fears recede

Or it may be that He thinks
It’s best that we endure
But sometimes He will change us
And provide us with a CURE

The C is for the Change in us
It helps us start anew
Whether it’s your state of mind
Or what was ailing you

The U if for the unity that
The Cure helps bring about
The sick can now participate
Relationships will work out

And when a gift is received
It requires action on our part
The first step is to thank Him
From the bottom of our heart

The R is our reaction
What to write in the next chapter
To use the gift He’s given
And make it last here-after

The E is for this Eternal,
Everlasting change applied
So even after death
Our Soul is at His side

So next time your prayer is answered
And God makes you clean and pure
Remember what it means
To be provided with a CURE


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