Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Poem - Role Models

Maybe sports have always been a mess, but lately I think it's mostly about greed. I originally wrote this about baseball players, but changed it to be more generic when I noticed these same characteristics in the athletes of the other sports as well.

Role Models?
By Lou Sciaroni

Do we blame it on the owners
Or on the loyal fan
No, not for their love of sports
But idolizing such a man

A man with no loyalty
To his city or his team
Just looking for his picture
On the face of magazines

He roams from city to city
Making millions every year
And makes his annual promise
That a wining year is near

But by the season’s midpoint
His stats are very thin
The team is many games behind
And they’re not going to win

“They put the pressure on me”
Was written in the papers
And for the rest of the season
His statistics slowly taper

He’s nothing to look up to
His antics are a bore
But what do you think they’ll do next year?
I be they offer more!


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