Thursday, January 26, 2006

Poem - Seafood

The St. Ann Seafood festival has had an open mic. night for the last couple of years. This past year I decided to write and recite the following poem... Seafood anyone? (I took this picture in Norway... they have good seafood in Norway)

By Lou Sciaroni

When I was young I didn’t know
‘bout the seafood I never had
Chicken, Hamburger, Pasta.
For all this I was glad

I guess I was just ignorant
Of all those fish, I recon
See food - eat it, was my motto
And just hope that there was seconds

After all, when I grew up
I was one child in eleven
In fact, after a while I lost my name
And just went by number seven

But then one day I learned about
Those tasty creatures of the sea
And when that happened I found out
The seafood lover deep inside of me

Those little shrimp that can be cooked
In so many ways
BBQd, plain, or battered fried
I could eat these things for days

Those lovely fish all shapes and size
My favorite being salmon
A nice fresh piece cooked just right
With pepper and some lemon

And don’t just give me a little cup
Of that St Ann Seafood Gumbo
When I order mine I don’t skimp
I ask them for the Jumbo

So I could tell you that I come here
To support the school and the foundation
But the truth of the matter is really this
I come to avoid seafood starvation


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