Sunday, January 22, 2006

Poem - First Words

Here is a poem I wrote after reflecting on the first chapter of the Gospel of John, 1 Samuel. The title of the poem is based on the first words that John wants us to hear from Jesus.

First Words

By Lou Sciaroni, 1/15/06

As Jesus starts his journey
On the three years to His grave
He talks to simple fisherman
Of the Lamb that’s come to save

With wonder they come to him
Unknown why they are drawn
They want to stay right by him
In this new eras’s dawn

He asks them:
What do you seek?
Follow and see
Come and be near
Stay here with me

They answer:
Yes, we will come
Where will we stay?
Lord, we hear your call
But we don’t know the way

When we hear this message
Do we wonder ‘bout our vocations
Are we really doing His will?
Or are they our intentions

Can we decipher his voice from others?
As he calls in repetition
Do we stay near Him and listen?
So we can hear our mission

He asks us:
What do you seek?
Follow and see
Come and be near
Stay here with me

We answer:
Yes, we will come
But, where will we stay?
Help us hear your call
And show us the way


At 3:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brother. I just found this link. Pretty sad that I never read these before. You are an amazing poet. Keep writing what God has put in your heart. It is good stuff Bro.

Lil'est Sis


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