Saturday, January 28, 2006

Poem - The Scottish Eyes Were Smiling

I visited Scotland last year, and while I was there I attended a dinner at the Royal Museum in Edinburgh. You can get an idea of the atmosphere by viewing the picture I took that night, shown to the left of this text. It was a great evening filed with traditional Scottish food, beverages, and pomp and circumstance... and it inspired me to write this poem.

The Scottish Eyes Were Shining
By Lou Sciaroni

The light in Edinburgh rarely shined
At least not from the sky
It rained like mad for days on end
And my time to leave was nigh

But at the Royal Museum
The Scottish lights came on
The traditions of their culture
The food, bagpipes, and song

Were brought out by the setting
It was classy to the hilt
The ladies in their dresses
And men were dressed in kilts

The Haggis procession marched on in
While the pipes were being played
Burns’ and other Odes were read
And the ceremonies made

And as the evening ended
And the band was marching out
I saw the light in faces
As I slowly looked about

From the sharing of the stories
To the laughs and honest smiles
I’m glad I saw the Scottish light
If only for a while


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